Bunker Renovation Project






On Monday, April 23rd, the George E. Ley Company will begin a long anticipated renovation on twenty green side bunkers and eight teeing areas at Rutgers University Golf Course.  Architect Stephen Kay, who is also an Instructor of Golf Construction in the Rutgers Professional Turfgrass Management Program, has returned to provide his expertise in the redesign of the bunkers and tee leveling.  Head Superintendent Terry Sedon will be heading up the project for the golf course.

The work in the bunker renovation project will consist of:

·         pulling the sand away from the edge of the bunker,

·         repair of current bunker blanket and replacement of bunker blanket with Flexscape where needed

·         removal of excess bunker sand build up outside bunker

·         removal and replacement of the sod around the bunkers

·         re-edging of bunkers    

·         Total square footage of bunkers to be renovated = 23,778

The tee leveling project will consist of:

·         Removal of existing sod

·         Stripping and loosening of tee soil

·         Floating of the tee with a laser level

·         Installation of new sod

·         Total square footage of tees to be renovated = 11,205

We understand that many of you will have many questions, and we address a few of the anticipated one's below:

·         Reduced green fee rates will be in effect.  $32 weekday green fee, $47 weekend green fee, $27 senior green fee

·         All 18 holes will be open for play for Alumni Weekend Golf on Friday, April 27th

·         Contracted events will not be impacted as the contractor will not be on site during scheduled outings

·         All work is expected to be completed in three to four weeks, weather permitting

In order to maintain a safe environment for the contractors and our customers and to facilitate for a faster completion of the project, the golf course will only have 9 holes open for play during the week, and players will be playing the same 9 twice on an 18 hole round.  All 18 holes will be open on weekends.  As we move through the project there will be 2-3 temporary tees in place for approximately 3 weeks, which will allow the sod to settle root. 

We are extremely excited to share this news with you and can’t wait to show off the finished product!  Updates on the progress will be posted on bulletin boards, our website and social media accounts.  To minimize the impact to our loyal golfers, we will be offering discounted weekday green fees during construction.

If you have any questions regarding this project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the professional staff. 


Bunkers (all greenside)


#1 right

#3 main tee

#2 right and left

#7 forward tee

#4 right

#8 forward tee

#5 left

#10 back tee

#6 right

#11 tee

#7 left

#14 tee

#8 right and left

#17 all teeing areas

#9 right


#11 front


#13 right and left


#14 front and left


#16 right


#17 front and left


#18 front


Total = 23,778

Total = 11,205








If you have any questions about an event or for details on how to host your event at the Rutgers University Golf Course please call the Pro Shop at 848-445-2637.